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The Out-Of-Bounds Planets

Neptune, the imagination. With Cobain we see parallel conjunctions of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. We already know that the planets are conjunct by zodiacal degree longitude , but by declination sharing the same latitude they are even more closely aligned. This further strengthens their conjunction and because they all rest near the celestial equator by 2.

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Note too that the Moon is way Out Of Bounds. Another signature for a bit of a radical character and unrestrained energy ; and ruling the eleventh, extremes apply to fortune and friends, and, as astrologer Austin Coppock points out, fans.

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Planets and angles connected by antiscia symmetry around the zero degree cardinal points have been recognized as important and potent for at least two thousand years. A more modern perspective sees connections across the axis as illuminating 1 that a person will connect to the world, and 2 how that person will connect with the world whether it be intentional or not. The Moon is emotion, it rules the public, also women and the feminine.

To me, Kurt Cobain expressed, exposed, and shared with us his soul. He certainly touched other souls.


Like the Moon, his work and nature was not, or seemed not to be, rational. And his music, his lyrics, prose and poems, uncomfortable at times Saturn , sometimes desperately sad, touched and spoke to others on what I can only think of as an emotional Moon soul level. Eclectic innovations of multiple traditions: Hellenistic, Medieval Persian, Indian, and Uranian and Cosmobiological astrology.

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Do you sometimes feel tired? Trouble sleeping? Ask your doctor about Antiscia. I offer client consultation and mentoring.

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I teach astrological workshops by request. As an artist and volunteer, who works with women in prison, I aim to establish a new nonprofit to expand this work. At other times find me stargazing by the sea….

Vettius Valens : Anthologies. Dorotheus : Carmen Astrologicum.

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And this is the subtle, gentle, patient wisdom, which is not generally the kind that Mars likes to hear! Mars, especially out of bounds, wants to bully, dominate, be the leader and resolve matters conclusively; it does not do very well with listening and considering.

Out of Bounds Planets

Its capacity for forbearance is minimal; it likes fighting. It does create a paradox when out of bounds Mars tries to be assertive when in Cancer! Yet we must not be fooled, the crabby version of Mars can be surprisingly effective in its secretive and meandering way. Having said all that, there is of course, a positive aspect to this event, as there always must be for every astrological transit.

On the plus side, sometimes we get stuck into toxic situations and relationships and simply lack the oomph to punch through and sort things out once and for all. The Sabian Symbol suggests that we may have a tricky issue to deal with around the question of our loyalties.

If we have made an emotional commitment to a person or an outcome, then it may be likely that we have some reluctance to withdraw and reconsider our position.

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